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District IX
Stanley D. Swierz, CF

Swierz's forestry career began with the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Forestry in 1974, where he worked as a land management forester on state land for a year and then transferred to a service forestry position in 1975 to work with private woodland owners. He was among the first Ohio foresters to delve into the realm of private consulting forestry and, in 1979, he founded Stanley D. Swierz, Consulting Forester, Inc. His business covers a realm of services, including timber management, marketing products, appraisals, and litigation, and his client list includes small woodland owners, nonprofit organizations, and large industrial landholders.

Since 2006, Swierz has been a media contact for Ohio's "Call Before You Cut" campaign a coordinated effort of several Ohio organizations, including the Ohio SAF, to encourage forest landowners to call a forester before they harvest timber. He has taught timber sale contract classes for most of the Ohio Farm Bureau's Forester Landowner Clinic since it's inception in 2003. The program, usually held 2-3 times every other year, is comprised of foresters who teach landowners how to better manage their woodlands and the sale of timber.

An active member of SAF, Swierz participated in a panel at the 2006 Ohio SAF Winter Meeting, sharing experiences that shaped his decisions in the field, and he is a member of Ohio SAF's Consulting Forester Advisory Committee, which recently unveiled Ohio SAF's new online directory of members providing forestry services.

In addition to his involvement in SAF, Swierz is in his fourth term on the Ohio Forestry Association's Board of Trustees, which allows him a forester's voice within the state's logging community, and is a member of an Ohio Forestry Association advisory group working with state officials to craft timber theft legislation that will be introduced during the current session of the legislature.

The Forestry Source, September 2009
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